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Save $75 on Tropic Scuba's Semi-Private NAUI Scuba Diver Certification When You Get Your Mask, Snorkle, and fins at Austin's Diving Center.

Save $75 on The Best Dive Gear and NAUI Certification

Tropic Scuba and Austin’s Diving Center have teamed up to offer you the best quality Dive gear and semi-private NAUI Scuba Diver Certification. When you buy your Mask, Snorkel, and Fins at Austin’s you’ll receive up to $75 off the $675 registration for your semi-private NAUI Scuba Diver Certification. Semi Private classes have a maximum student to instructor ratio of 3:1 with a maximum class size of six students to two instructors. Class includes NAUI eLearning, Lecture, Pool Training, and Open Water Training.


Learn More About Our Program

We are a NAUI Training Center and NAUI Dream Destination that specializes in providing expert, private, scuba instruction and dive guiding services. Now in partnership with Austin’s Diving Center, we are able to bring you the level of service and attention previously only available to private classes.

Register for your semi-private class for $675, purchase one of three available packages to qualify for $25, $50, or up to $75 off of your class registration depending on the gear package that you select. Show proof of purchase of your personal gear from Austin’s and you will receive the credit once you start your class.

You will be trained as a scuba diver and prepare you to dive in up to 60-feet (over 18m) of water, anywhere in the world. You will become proficient and comfortable with all required scuba diving skills, self rescue, rescuing others, compass and natural navigation techniques, and dive planning. You will also have a good understanding of dive physics and decompression theory.

You will learn in a very small class with direct supervision of your instructor with a ratio of no more than three students per instructor and a maximum class size of 2 instructors to 6 students. This allows us to provide you with a direct, hands-on approach, where we can customize your learning experience to your needs and you will not get lost in a crowd.

Your academics will begin by completing your online eLearning at your pace that will need to be completed prior to your pool session. You will also receive an academic lecture that will teach you in detail about your selection, use, and maintenance, of your scuba gear. Additionally, you will learn about dive planning, dive physics, and decompression theory.

During your two pool sessions, you will learn how to scuba dive in a confined water environment where we not only introduce and teach you the skills required to dive safely and proficiently, but we do so by graduating from introductory skills, to layering more complex learning application of the skills. We don’t move forward until you are proficient. By the time you perform in an open water environment, you will have performed each skill flawlessly, dozens of times.

Open water training is putting together all the skills you have mastered in the pool, in an open water environment but still with the direct hands on supervision of your instructor. Remember, you will already have mastered all the skills in confined water prior to getting to this point.

Pool sessions (2 sessions) will take place either in Tropic Scuba’s pool in South Miami, or at AD Barnes swimming pool.

The first open water session (2 dives) will take place at Tigertail Lake which is a training facility that allows us to spend as much time as we deem necessary to get our divers comfortable. This way, we are not rushing to fit into the tight schedule of a charter boat and it allows us to expand on what we are spending time on.

The second open water session (2 dives) will be performed off of a charter boat in the Florida Keys.

Pool sessions will be scheduled Tuesday Evenings and Thursday Evenings (these may change with plenty of notice).

Open Water Sessions will be scheduled for weekends to accommodate what most people request.

Purchase your equipment package from Austin’s Diving by clicking here, then book your class online by clicking here. If you purchase your class registration first, you will be credited for your discount afterwards.

Gear-up and Get Certified

Get your dive gear (mask, snorkel, fins) and promo code at Austin's and then book your NAUI Scuba Certification Lessons Here. You save $75 with your coupon from Austin's.
Save $75

about Austin's Diving Center

Since 1968, Austin's Diving Center has been servicing the SCUBA and skin diving community locally and internationally. With over 75 vendors and manufacturers' products available, Austin's can meet the needs of both recreational and technical divers, as well as freedivers and spearos.

about Tropic Scuba

Tropic Scuba's team has over 25 years experience. Our staff includes Certified NAUI SCUBA Instructors, a paramedic, a USCG licensed boat captain, and a certified lifeguard.

Ed del Campo

Tropic Scuba

Leagues ahead of the rest

There is no substitute for experience, and at Tropic SCUBA, our expertise is unparalleled.

Tropic SCUBA is owned and operated by Ed del Campo, a NAUI dive professional for more than 25 years. Ed is a Certified NAUI SCUBA Instructor, a professional firefighter and paramedic, a USCG licensed boat captain, and a certified lifeguard.

Early on, Ed identified the need for in-depth, expert SCUBA diving instruction for firefighters. He formed Tropic SCUBA to expand his training from preparing firefighters for public safety diving to instructing individuals who not only wanted to learn to dive, but also were interested in mastering the rigorous skills required by NAUI for SCUBA certification.

Ed provides customized training to experienced divers to advance their skills and improve their techniques, as well as beginners who are interested in trying SCUBA for the first time. He also offers expert dive guiding services with a concierge-style approach, anticipating a diver’s every need.

Ed is committed to one essential principle: safety first, last and always with each client on every dive. The unique advantage of his firefighter and paramedic training, provides clients an extra level of confidence. “Safety and training are at the base of everything I do, every single day, whether as a firefighter / paramedic, or as a dive professional.” he says. “I believe all my divers benefit from that.” Your well-being is priceless. So is having Tropic SCUBA by your side.

Tropic Scuba Clients say

Gear-up and Get Certified

Get your dive gear (mask, snorkel, fins) and promo code at Austin's and then book your NAUI Scuba Certification Lessons Here. You save $75 with your coupon from Austin's.
Save $75